CondoBob is proud to announce the Hanalei Bay Beach has just been selected as the #1 Beach in the USA for 2009 by Dr. Beach. We have always said it was the best beach in the USA and in Hawaii and Dr. Beach now confirms it is his favorite also.
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News Release:
Dr. Beach Names Hanalei Bay Beach #1 in 2009

Beaches are the number one recreational destination for Americans. These sandy playgrounds that line our coasts are the most extensive natural parks in the country. Nothing restores the body and soul like a stay at the beach. We are naturally drawn to the rhythmic pounding of the waves as if returning to our primordial beginnings.

"Dr. Beach" Names Hanalei Bay America's Best
Miami, FL—Embargoed for release at 7AM on May 22, 2009

Hanalei Bay takes the number one spot in the 19th annual Top 10 Beaches ranking produced by coastal expert Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, Director of Florida International University's Laboratory for Coastal Research.

Hanalei Bay is a spectacular white crescent-shaped sand beach that is considered by many residents and visitors alike to be the most beautiful beach setting in Hawaii. The two-mile long strand is lined by palm trees with a backdrop of waterfalls and mountain peaks that range up to 4,000 feet high.

One of the best views of the beach is from the St. Regis Hotel, ( Now the St. Regis Hotel as of October 1, 2009 newly remodeled opening) located on the high bluff to the east. The other end of this wide coral sand beach is anchored by a high lava point that extends into the ocean. This panorama has been the inspiration for many paintings and photo shoots.

"Hanalei Bay on the garden island of Kauai is my favorite getaway beach in Hawaii," noted Leatherman, an international expert on beaches and coastal processes.

"The clear emerald waters are perfect for swimming during the tranquil summer months, but only swim at the lifeguarded areas when the surf picks up during the wintertime as powerful rip currents are sometimes present.

The laid-back little village of Hanalei is a good place for refreshments and casual dining, but accommodations are scarce so plan ahead."

Note: As "Dr. Beach" (, Leatherman has selected the annual Top 10 Beaches since 1991. Fifty criteria are used to evaluate beaches, which include water and sand quality as well as safety, facilities and environmental management.

What makes Leatherman's selections unique is his knowledge as a Ph.D. coastal scientist with more than 30 years of scientific experience studying storm impacts, erosion, and ways to improve beach health and safety.

Dr. Leatherman is working with the award-winning TV producer Drew Cummings to produce a new weekly half-hour TV series titled "In Search of the World's Best Beaches," which will premiere in 2010 Please contact for further information.

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